Caithream na Cruinne

Caithream na Cruinne: Digital songbook

We’re delighted to be able to publish our new digital songbook, showcasing Gaelic songs written by young Caithream na Cruinne participants, inspired by the nature and the environment around them.

We recommend downloading this resource on a computer. If you are viewing it on a mobile device or phone, please note that to listen to the embedded audio files you need to:

  1. Click on the two arrows on the bottom right of the screen
  2. Zoom in by clicking the + sign on the bottom left
  3. Move the screen to show the play button (it’s at the top right of the page of each song).
  4. Click this button and wait a few seconds for the playback to start.

The collection features contemporary songs inspired by the hopes and concerns of young people about the natural environment and the impacts of the climate crisis.

The 7 young writers hail from across Scotland and participants all received mentoring from Mary Ann Kennedy and Ewen Henderson while writing and recording the songs.

Explore the songbook and you will find lyrics, sheet music and a recording for every song. We hope you enjoy learning and singing these songs, and perhaps they will inspire you to put pen to paper yourself!

“It was an incredible opportunity to work with somebody as talented as Ewen Henderson to write my Caithream na Cruinne song. It is vital that we raise our voices as young people, especially since the fate of the world’s climate is in our hands.”

Elissa Hunter-Dorans, project participant

Caithream na Cruinne was a collaborative project between Fèis Rois and NatureScot.

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