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Ceilidh Trail – on tour

The Ceilidh Trail will return in 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing you all on the road then. Details of where the Ceilidh Trail will be performing during the summer will be available in the coming months.

The Ceilidh Trail is a paid summer job and professional development opportunity for outstanding young traditional musicians. We work with musicians between 16 and 25 who spend the summer playing music, travelling throughout Scotland and beyond, and gain experience playing for just about every kind of gig under the sun!  

In the past, Ceilidh Trail participants have had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians from Australia, Canada, England and Wales who come on exchanges with us during the summer. Participants also take part in a training week before the tour begins, where they take part in workshops about live sound, performance skills and dance calling, and work in groups to arrange a varied set of tunes and songs. 

If you have any questions about the Ceilidh Trail or the audition process, or want to ask about any accessibility requirements, please get in touch with Christian Gamauf at projects@feisrois.org or phone the Fèis Rois office at 01349 862600. 

The contact with musicians from different parts of Scotland exposed me to a more varied repertoire of tunes and gave me an insight into some of the different stylistic aspects tied to place. Touring and travelling allowed a lot of down time to chat about experiences in the music industry and doing different sorts of gigs and playing to different sorts of audiences.

2017 participant
Check out an introduction to the Ceilidh Trail project filmed in 2018

Background to the Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trail

Fèis Rois established its successful Ceilidh Trail programme in Ross-shire in 2000. Following the success of the Ross-shire Ceilidh Trail, Fèis Rois started a National Ceilidh Trail for Scotland in 2012. This project has since gone from strength-to-strength and provides opportunities for young musicians from across Scotland to perform in locations across the country, not covered by the smaller community Ceilidh Trails. 

As well as covering a significant area of the Highlands, Fèis Rois’ Ceilidh Trails visit perform in venues across the whole of Scotland and further afield 

Many previous participants of the Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trail have gone on to carve out successful careers in the Scottish music industry. These include Fraya Thomsen, Mairearad Green, Matheu Watson, Mischa Macpherson, and Rachel Newton. 

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