DIGIT Sounds

We’ve worked with the DIGIT group on a number of bespoke music projects since 2012. Each project has had a different format depending on the young people involved and pupils have created their own music, played new instruments, written their own songs and produced their own CD. Young people from this group have also participated in our Lyrics from the North residential project.

The most recent project with the DIGIT group took place in 2017. This project involved the pupils working with two musicians and a sound engineer to create their own tracks based on the pupils’ shared experiences. The young people also learnt the ukulele, wrote their own song and explored sound recording and electronic sound effects.

The DIGIT group brings young people from different schools together to give them experiences that will help enhance their confidence and self-esteem. As these young people have additional support needs it is also important that they develop transferable life skills which will help them in the future. Most of the young people have never done anything like this before so it’s a new, exciting experience for the whole group.

Roseann Christie, a member of the school staff involved in setting up DIGIT
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