Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Fèis Rois has hosted the Scottish Pavilion twice at the renowned Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany. The festival, which attracts an audience of 750,000, is widely regarded as the largest Celtic music festival in Europe. This is a great opportunity for up and coming bands, including our own Ceilidh Trail, to perform on an international stage.

As well as giving European audiences the opportunity to hear outstanding Scottish and Gaelic language music, it has been fantastic to see new collaborations and opportunities emerging from Fèis Rois on the Scottish Pavilion in Lorient. In 2019, six musicians from Scotland played alongside six musicians from Brittany in a new collaboration organised by Fèis Rois in association with Festival Interceltique de Lorient. The Gaelic band Sian, whose members are Eilidh Cormack, Ellen Macdonald and Ceitlin Lilidh, worked together with three singers from Brittany. The group was joined by musicians from Brittany and Scotland to form a band of twelve, including Duncan Chisholm, Jarlath Henderson and James Ross.

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