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Gaelic Conversation

A bheil thusa ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig? No a bheil thu ag iarraidh cothrom ga cleachdadh? Uill, stiall oirbh ri Cearcall Còmraidh an Diluain seo!

We meet on the first Monday of every month from 6.30 – 7.30pm on zoom. Each month we invite a guest speaker to chat on a given subject before taking questions. It is the perfect place to practice your Gaelic with likeminded learners in a safe environment. Beginners & listeners are welcome and the sessions are completely free!

Here’s who we have coming up:

Monday 7th June with Lisa MacDonald

Monday 4th July with Brian Ò Headhra

To sign up, email Tj at tj.bawden@feisrois.org

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