A young pupil listens attentively to a story.

Early Years

Through imaginative workshops we bring traditional music, stories and culture alive in nursery schools across the country. We encourage young children to explore their senses, enhance their creativity and develop their communication skills. The activities used are aimed at supporting the ongoing physical, motor and cognitive development of each child.

In 2016 Fèis Rois launched it’s first app, Fun Folk, aimed at young children. Through fun interactive activities, animations and films, we help you to introduce children aged five and under to Scottish traditional music, song, stories and ceilidh dancing. The app includes material in both Gaelic and Scots language.

You can read more about a Sensory Storytelling and Music project we carried out in North Lanarkshire here. To find out more about some of the other projects we have delivered check out the short films below or get in touch with Rachael Duff.

Everybody, staff and pupils, were so positive about this experience. We all looked forward to it every week. The children found the harp very soothing and loved the different sounds it made. Thanks for letting us have this wonderful experience.

Head teacher

The class were exposed to Gaelic for the first time and they loved hearing the Scottish stories and dancing.

Class Teacher

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