Young Person playing keyboards and wearing headphones

Work Experience

All year round we offer work experience placements to both secondary school pupils and students in further education. These placements are voluntary and aimed at young people who are interested in working in the arts sector.

Each placement is bespoke and created in partnership with you to ensure you gain valuable experience while with us. We are happy put together a programme that allows you to experience a whole range of aspects of working in the community arts sector. You can learn about event organisation, arts administration, marketing, publicity, preparing for classes and the traditional arts in the formal education sector.

Most commonly placements last one week, however we are happy to offer a more intensive programme lasting up to one month depending on your circumstances. If you are interested in work experience with Fèis Rois, please email to find out more.

Fèis Rois is registered as a work experience organisation with Highland Council.

Doing work experience in the Fèis Rois office was great! Getting an insight into the organisation and administrative side opened my eyes as to how Fèis Rois is actually run. The office is such a friendly environment that even putting postcards in envelopes was an enjoyable task.

Grace recorded one of her own tunes, Boba an Locharn, while on work experience.
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