Evija Laivina

Evija Laivina was born in Latvia and moved to Scotland in 2009, where she explored portrait photography and conceptual photography. She graduated BA Hons in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice from UHI in 2019.  Evija works in photography and performance, and experiments by exploring different mediums. Her series Beauty Warriors received international recognition and was awarded LensCulture 2017 Portrait Award and was nominated for a prestigious German journalism prize, Henry Nannen Preis, in 2019. Her photography has been exhibited in Switzerland, Spain, Latvia, and Scotland and is represented by Masterpiece Edition Gallery in Germany. Evija lives and works in Inverness, where she has a studio at Inverness Creative Academy.

“I am very excited to join the Highland Culture Collective. This is a great opportunity to work with an amazing team at Highland Print Studio, learn new techniques, create new connections and most importantly, work with the local community.”

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