Hector MacInnes is a sound artist from the Isle of Skye. He works with installation, spoken word, composition and speculative design, often in collaboration with communities and other artists, and his practice revolves around exploring the Highlands and Islands – and the people who live there, in all their different capacities – as engines of rural futurism.

“I’m genuinely really excited about the potential of this residency, the Highland Culture Collective and the Culture Collective project as a whole. The arts are absolutely thriving in the Highlands at the moment, and the themes that we will be working with around social justice, the climate, the experiences of young people, the importance of language… Highland communities are in many ways leading on these discussions. After such a tough year I’m delighted to have an opportunity to show how artists and communities working together will be vital to these themes – as well as to how we move forward from everything that’s happened in the last year.”