Light into Europe – Romania

Light into Europe is a British charity that was established in 1986 by a group of professionals to develop relief, medical and humanitarian programs in Eastern Europe. The Charity was initially focused on providing medical evacuation by air and humanitarian relief to Eastern and Central European countries then under communist oppression – offering these services in Romania starting in early 1990.

The charity later refocussed its work to help Romanian sensory disadvantaged children and young people to improve their lives, to expand their possibilities and to become active and accepted members of the Romanian society.

Fèis Rois links the charity with young Scottish musicians who travel to Romania twice a year to provide a unique sensory experience through concerts and workshops with the beneficiaries of the charity. They also perform at the two main fundraisers for the charity: the Caledonian Ball and the Burns Supper.

Young people helped by the charity have also been gifted places at our Junior Fèis event so that they can learn with their Scottish peers and experience this unique learning environment.

We plan to continue to develop this successful knowledge exchange project with partners in Romania, including Light into Europe and the National Academy of Music in Bucharest.

Our most sincere thanks to Fèis Rois for making our 20th Caledonian Ball such a special celebration, of Scottish culture and bringing the light of hope and possibilities to the deaf and the blind children and young people in Romania.

Captain Stan Platt, OBE, Founder of Light Into Europe

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