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Sensory Story and Music Making

We’ve delivered early years music making projects in nursery and P1 classes in six local authority areas across Scotland to date.

Through the Youth Music Initiative we developed our Sensory Story and Music Making project. This project involves pupils and staff working with a professional traditional musician to explore and stimulate different senses through story, song, music and movement. 

The project aims to develop skills in areas such as: imagination, communication, listening, group work, respect, self-expression and creativity through the participation in fun, active musical activities.  The children go on an exploration of sounds, rhythm and pitch in a fun environment.  Through the use of storytelling and movement the pupils are encouraged to become creative thinkers and music is used as a tool to bring their imagination to life.

Here are some short case studies from the project:
To find out what some teachers thought about the project, check out this video:
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