As part of the 2022 Dandelion programme we worked in partnership with The Place to create an Unexpected Garden in Alness.

Rooted in Scotland, with an international outlook and sustainability at its heart, the Dandelion programme, which was commissioned by EventScotland and funded via the Scottish Government, followed the arc of the growing season, from April to September 2022, and culminated in hundreds of Harvest Festivals across Scotland.

The main theme of our Unexpected Garden was seeds. Alongside healthy soils and waters, seeds are some of the main building blocks of any place’s food system and food culture, but today this understanding of their importance and the knowledge of how to care and tend to seeds has been largely forgotten.

The project involved growing a variety of vegetables which were suited to, or had historic ties to, the region, with a primary goal to harvest their seeds. Over the season, as the plants in the garden grow, members of the community were invited to come together to take part in the day to day growing and tending of the garden, and get involved in the events around it.

The project aimed to inspire, educate and empower the community around growing, food and seed production, and play a small part in bringing the community together. Seeds are small things but from them big things can grow.

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